A website is one of the most important extensions of your business. Your website speaks everything about your business, so it must have an attractive design as well as features that keep visitors on your site. The primary goal of building a website is to create conversions and attract new customers. There are a number of important factors that must be considered during the development phase and these issues are best addressed by a professional web designer.

Here are 9 important reasons why you should hire a professional website designer.

First Impressions: your website is your online representative, so it must make a good first impression. The first question to ask is, would you build a brick and mortar shop, do all of the signage and interior designing for the shop? Most business owners would not, they would hire a professional in order to have the best image possible and the same concept holds true for your website. It is acting as your business card, your direct representative and an online shop, so image is everything. If your website does not have a professional image, you may be losing customers.


Skilled Designers: A professional web designer not only knows how to give your website a beautiful image, but they also know how to give it the image that is right for your business and its industry. A skilled designer will know the ins and outs of internet marketing as well as be creative. In order for your website to be effective it should be pleasing to the eye, unique, load efficiently, have clear and easy navigation and work correctly in all of the major browsers.


Time Saver: one of the best benefits of hiring a professional web designer is the amount of time it will save you. Trying to design a website yourself means you will have to learn exactly what it takes to create an effective website, go through several trial and error phases and deal with the time, energy and frustration required to complete the website. Creating an effective website requires learning a lot of information that goes well beyond basic HTML. Professional web designers are skilled and up-to-date in a range of areas, including communication, marketing, HTML, photo optimization, CSS, Java Script, search engine optimization and possibly several languages.


A Step Ahead of the Competition: Competition among business is as fierce on the internet as it is in brick and mortar businesses. If your competitors already have a presence on the web, they are already one step ahead of you, but if you launch a new website that is more appealing and more effective than theirs, you will have the upper edge. Not only does a professionally built website give visitors a great first impression, but it also gives your customers a reason to trust you and your business over your competitors.


Unique and Customized: There are literally millions of websites on the internet, so how are you going to make your website stand out? Investing in a decent template may be a cheap and quick solution; however, you also may be taking a risk on your website looking like hundreds of others. Furthermore, most of the features that are required for an effective website, such as galleries, contact forms, special scripts and forums are typically not available with a ready-made template. If you want to expand your website in the future, with a pre-made template you will most likely have to completely rebuild the site from scratch, just to include the additional features you want. A professional web designer will not only customize your website specifically for you, but they will also be able to add more features later on.


Effectively Communicating Your Message: Getting the message out about your business is critical for drawing in potential new customers as well as holding on to the current customers. A professional web designer is skilled and knowledgeable in how to properly communicate your message. Professional web designers are experts at marketing and will be concerned about how to effectively communicate your message by organizing all of your information in an easy to follow manner. Professional web designers will communicate your message through the use of fonts, colors, layouts, shapes and much more in order to convey the message you are attempting to convey as a representative of your business.


Draw Attention to yourself: A professionally designed website will bring favorable attention to your business. An attractive website not only brings in new customers, but it also gets you the attention of potential advertisers and professional peers. Remember, word of mouth and good referrals are the most powerful tools available for marketing your business and a well designed website can do this for you.


Be Present in the Search Engines: One of the most important factors of a website is the presence it has in the search engines. You can have the nicest website on the internet, but if it doesn’t have a good presence in search engine listings, it is useless. Ranking good in the search engines is important, because it is typically the primary way for potential customers to find your business on the internet. Search engines are kind of like a free and effective type of advertising tool. Professional web designers know how to develop your website in order for it to get decent rankings in the search engine listings. They will basically build the website to be search engine friendly from the ground up.


Browser Compatible: if a website does not show up the same way or it appears to be broken for visitors from different browsers, it is known as browser incompatibility. This is due to different browsers having different standards in regards to displaying web pages, so what looks perfect in one browser may appear as a jumbled mess in another browser. Professional web designers are experienced with making websites display correctly on a variety of browsers.


Your business requires your utmost attention, so if you have a trusted and professional web designer creating your website, you can focus on other activities of your business. Strategic planning, marketing, client meetings and other things critical to your business that requires your full attention, if you have a professional web designer, you can focus on these other things.


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