SEO For Veterinarians or Vet SEO

SEO For Veterinarians, Vet SEO

As a veterinarian, you know that the easiest way to get animals to come to you when you desire is by giving them a treat! Whether it’s a cookie for a dog, an apple for a horse or top quality tuna for a cat, they just can’t resist coming to you once it’s right in their faces. The same principles apply for those who are searching for a veterinary practice online – if you put it right in front of them, and it looks appealing, they will click. The best way to organically get your clinic in front of their eyes is through Search Engine Optimization (Vet SEO), you need to use both “On-site” and “Off-site” SEO that way, when they search Google, Bing or Yahoo! for specific terms, for example, “Veterinary Clinic, Des Moines”, your site will come up as high as possible in the rankings!

How Vet SEO Can Help A Veterinary Website

Once you have taken your first steps in creating an online presence for your practice by setting up an amazing veterinary website, the next step is driving as much traffic to the website in order to increase your chance of new client conversion. The basis of SEO is by using a combination of industry-specific keywords that people looking for your business may type into a search bar, i.e., Veterinarians in Atlanta, Horse Veterinarian St. Louis, Dog Surgery Washington. Through a systemic approach of relevant content, backend meta-tagging and infusing these important keywords throughout your website, the more likely the search engines are to display your website to those who are searching for it. Search engines are designed to do the best job possible at combing through millions of websites in milliseconds to find the best answers to a search question. By adding Vet SEO throughout your website, you are able to answer those questions better, thus putting you ahead of other veterinary clinics in the Google rankings.

How is Vet SEO done effectively?

Core Web Services has years of experience in integrating SEO optimized terms, keywords and content into both the visible and backend of your website. While it may seem like a simple concept at first, professional SEO optimization is a very strategic and in-depth process that includes substantial keyword research to find out what people searching for veterinary services are inputting into a search box, properly hyper-localizing terms so that those seeking animal health services in your area will find you more efficiently and properly integrating all the wording to look organic. Many veterinary clinic websites may simply try to “over-stuff” keywords throughout their site, making it very confusing and unnatural for readers. Also, because Google’s algorithms are so intelligent, they actually penalize websites that wrongly overuse keywords, meaning they fall lower in the rankings.

Besides Keywords, how else does SEO drive new clients to my website?

Another major component of SEO that helps drive clients to your website is backlinking. Backlinking is an important aspect for driving traffic to your site because it includes placing links on relevant websites, such as veterinarian journals or area-specific directories, that link back to your clinic’s website. By increasing your presence through the entire online community, there is a much higher chance that if somebody is looking for veterinary services within your area and happen to be browsing the directory, they will make their way to your website. Google also recognizes these backlinks as an increased presence across the internet, meaning it gives legitimacy to your website. The more veterinary related blogs, journals, directories and classifieds that your vet website is included on, the better chance you have to increase your traffic, and ultimately your search ranking.

Start a Veterinarian Blog to Drive SEO

One of the best ways to increase the SEO and overall viewership of your website is to start a veterinary blog about your practice, the staff, the animals and anything else that can inform and engage potential clients. By creating a blog that touches on a wide range of topics that would be considered helpful to the animal loving community, you will be both helping your readers and helping yourself. The more that you help your readers with credible and organic information, the more likely they are to visit your site again, share your articles on social media to their animal loving friends and just keep you in mind as somebody that is well established in the veterinary community. Also, by writing blogs that properly infuse the SEO keywords that help increase your Google ranking on searches, you will continuously move up those rankings to the number one spot!

How can Core Web Services help me with my website’s SEO?

At Core Web Services, our goal is to create amazing websites, but also drive as much of the market’s audience to them. The more traffic you receive, the more clients will eventually start bringing you their furry little friends for treatment! That’s why we ensure that whether we have created the website for you or if you have an existing website that is ranking low on veterinary related search terms, we can offer you incredible Cost effective SEO services to bring you to the top. Using all the techniques described above, plus some secrets that we have up our sleeves, we utilize every possible method of SEO that can bring you more customers, whether it’s a coughing puppy or an injured horse.

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