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What is Reputation Marketing?

 Reputation marketing is a newer form of marketing which amplifies the effectiveness of all other marketing efforts, think 2x plus more effectiveness on Newspaper Ads, GMB, SEO, PPC Social marketing and ALL other forms of Advertising.


I already do SEO, PPC, Newspaper ads etc, etc, Do I even need Reputation Marketing?

Doing SEO, PPC, Newspaper ads and other form of marketing is important, but the social proof that Reputation marketing produces amplifies the effectiveness of all other marketing. Think of this, someone hears about you from a facebook ad, the ads job is to introduce them to you, so they go hmmm who is this company, so they go to google and google your company to find out who and what you are about! do you have reviews? How many? And what do they say about you? ALL other advertising leads to people seeing how reputiple you are!


What is the difference between reputation marketing and reputation management?

unlike Reputation Management, Reputation Marketing is a proactive activity, by Building, monitoring and promoting your businesses good reputation. Reputation management is more reactive and trying to remove bad reviews and such.

I believe that Reputation Marketing is more effective for many reasons, some of which includes, More and better reviews build your social proof, when was the last time you purchased something on the big AZon? did you look at the reviews? bet you did, if not ask someone else I bet they did.


How much does reputation marketing cost?

If you hire a fulltime person to handle this task you would be paying out $40k Annually at a minimum! Then there is that persons taxes and benefits. our costs are way less than that.


Why is Reputation Marketing important?

Reputation marketing is important because that is how people shop these days, businesses can grow, shrink or even be destroyed depending on their Reputation. Everyone gets an unhappy customer sometime, we want to make sure the 

I have a bunch of reviews already, why do I need more?

We always need to work on getting more reviews and then promoting them to your potential clients.

I have no reviews, does this matter?

Yes! Your potential Clients are looking at reviews when they are looking for your services. (I bet you check reviews for products/services, right?)

For Example, if someone is looking for your services and they are deciding between 2 businesses that seem equal, one has 50 reviews with a 4.7 star rating in Google and the other business has no reviews. Which business do you think will get a call first?

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